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EasyBilling User Guide
Monthly Sales Report

Monthly Sales Report Dialog

The user interface for Monthly Sales Report is shown above.

Menu Bar
In Menu Bar, there are three menu items, File, Export and Security.

File - User can save, preview, print or close the current report.
Export - User can export the current report to PDF, HTML, and Excel format.
Security - User can set a password for the current report to enhance the security.

Report Details
Monthly sales report provides user sales information on monthly basis in a graphical format. It shows out the number of invoices issued and total sales amount.

User needs to provide a report name for the report.

The report will run against the selected folder and retrieve all the invoices under it.

Only those invoices dated in the selected "Year" will be get into accounted.

Note: - The report will be updated every time the report is saved. The updated time is shown as the "Last Generated"

The sample PDF output is given below.

Monthly sales report sample