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How to create a cheque book?

  1. In menu "Management", choose "Cheque Book Management"

  2. Click the icon to create a new cheque book.

  3. A "Cheque Book Maintenance" dialog is shown out.

  4. cheque book

  5. You need to specify the following information:
    • Cheque Book ID - a identifier for your own reference, which shown in the Tools Box.

    • Account Name - The name of account which this cheque book belongs to. It is shown in the Tools Box for informative purpose only.

    • Account Number - Account number for which this cheque book belongs to. It is for informative purpose only.

    • Currency Label - You can rename the currency label to fit your needs. For example, rename Dollars and Cents to Pounds and Pence.

    • Currency Subunit - You can also change the subunit to "0.000".

    • Cheque Number - The next cheque number of your cheque book. This number will be increased for every cheque issue.

    • Account Balance - You can keep track your account balance.

    • Cheque Layout - Choose the cheque layout which this cheque book fit to.

  6. Click the "Save" button when ready.

  7. The newly created cheque book will be shown in the "Cheque Book Management" window.

  8. When you return to the main window, you should also find a new folder under the "Tools Box" in L.H.S., which represent the new cheque book.