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RoboMail User Guide
Address Book

RoboMail address book to organize recipients

Address Book is organized in a hierachical structure (shown in L.H.S.). Different groups are under the root node of the address book. All the recipients are stored in groups. On the R.H.S., the table lists recipients under the selected group.

In the toolbar, there are eight icons:

Add Group - To create a group.

Del Group - Delete the selected group.

Add - Add a recipient to the selected group.

Import - Import bulk of recipients into the selected group.
Two types of file format is supported, "Excel (xls)" or "RoboMail (rbm)". Click here to download the "Sample Import File" in excel format.

Delete - Delete the selected recipients.

Restore - Restore the selected group/recipients from "Waste Basket".

Trash - Delete the selected group/recipients from "Waste Basket" permenantly.

Close - Close the Address Book.

Search Box is provided to locate email address in the selected group. Fill in the address you want to search and click the "Search" button.