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RoboMail User Guide
Main Screen

RoboMail main screen

The main screen of RoboMail is shown above.

In the top is the menu bar, which has two options, File and Help.

The next is the tool bar which provide a quick access to some commonly used functions. There are totally nine icons, they are: New, Edit, Delete, Send To, Cancel, Address Book, Start, Stop and About. The icons will be enabled/disabled when corresponding item is selected.

New - Create a new message template

Edit - Edit the selected template

Delete - Delete the selected template

Cancel - Cancel emails from the sending list by unsubscriber or input.

Address Book - Shows the Address Book.

Start - Start sending emails out.

Stop - Stop sending emails.

Tracking Report - It will show the list of recipients who open your email. Email Tracking need to be set first.

View Log - It will show the log file of selected template. In the log file, it will lists out the time, email address sent and success/failure.

Help - Help Document of RoboMail.

Table lists the existing template in the RoboMail. It shows out the title name, number of email sent/not send/send fail, time of last sent/next send, priority and its status.