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CamShot User Guide
Main Screen

CamShot Main Window
When you start the CamShot, you will find the main screen shown above.

In the top is the menu bar, which has four options, File, Settings, Help and Order Now. "Order Now" is shown in Trial Version only.

The next is the tool bar, which provides a quick access to some commonly used functions. There are totally five icons. The icons will be enabled/disabled when corresponding item is selected. The explanation of the icons is given below.

Setup Webcam - The first icon brings the Webcam Setup page for user to setup the webcam.

Setup Rule - It will proceed to the Rule Setup page. User can define different rules for different webcams.

Start - Start the monitoring process. To get the defined rules in working, user need to click to start button to run them.

Stop - Stop the monitoring process.

View Log - It will show the current daily log file.

The area remains shows the webcam live image.