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Dexpot Virtual Desktop Mananger expands your desktop

If you need to have several desktop workplaces on your windows, Dexpot is the solution.

Dexpot allows you to create multiple, virtual desktops to increase the work area of your screen by up to 20 times. Each virtual desktop is independent from the others and can have its individual wallpaper, resolution, and icons (or no icons at all).

A tray icon is provided and you can easily switch between desktops. You can also set different hotkeys to move between different desktop. Right-click menu is also provided and you can move and copy windows from one desktop to another desktops. More than that, in right-click menu, you can roll up the windows or set the transparency of window. Dexpot also has a rules settings feature which allows to define the application loaded into a specified desktop. User can set up rules to automatically move, copy or close windows and more.

Dexpot is one of the most advanced desktop managers out there, that is easy enough for beginners, but offers some great flexibility for more demanding users as well. It is free for personal use. Further information can be found in

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