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Three simple rules should keep in minds in search engine submission

In the web you can find thousands of resources talk about search engine submission. They teach you how to submit your website to search engine. Some may claims they have insider tricks to do the submission. Is that true? We don’t know, even the search engine companies may not know too.

But you should keep in mind that there are only three rules that always applied in search engine submission.

1. Setup your webpages correctly. Your webpages syntax should be correct and no mistake. All the element are there with no missing. These not only include the image, the link, but also the html coding. You should have the header, title, keywords, description tag.

2. Let the search engine know the existense of your website. You can simply fill-in the submission form of search engine, submit to dmoz.org, and provides sitemap to google.

3. There are no tricks and no secrets. Don’t try to cheat the search engine. Though your website may not be banned with your tricks, the effort you spend on the tricks is worthless. You know the tricks but the search engines know too.

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