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List of How-to Articles

Create a new document

  1. In the "Tools Box" of main window, select the folder that the new document belongs to.

  2. create new document

  3. Click the "New Document" icon in Tool Bar.
    Select the document from the provided list: Quotation, Proforma Invoice, Invoice, Receipt, Delivery Note, Credit Note and Debit Note.

  4. The document window will be shown. This is the Quotation window.
    create quotation

  5. The document window is composed by two tabs: Info and Line Item.
    document tab, info and line item
    You can switch between two tabs by clicking the tab name at the top.

  6. In the "Info" tab, you can specify the general information of the document, like
    • Document Number
    • Currency
    • Stamp
    • Date
    • Customer Information
    • and others
    The document number will be generated automatically, But you can overwrite by clicking icon.
    You can load the customer information from Customer List by clicking the button at the bottom.

  7. In the "Line Item" tab, you can specify the item entry, notes and the signature box.
    document line item

  8. When your document is ready, you can click icon in Tool Bar to save your document.

List of How-to Articles