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Use PhotoX to stamp your product photos and protect your intellectual property

Hong Kong, 10 Jun 2009 --

Evinco Solutions Ltd releases PhotoX version 1.9.0, batch watermark creator software that provides a quickest and easiest way to stamp your photos with watermark.

PhotoX stamps the selected photo files with watermark in a batch automatically. The watermark can be image, text or both. The text watermark can be set with different font face, font size, style and color. Text watermark can be applied with different effects, like Shadow, Engrave and Outline. Some builtin text watermark are provided, likes file name, file time, current date and time. For the image watermark, it supports bmp, gif, jpeg, png, pnm, raw, tif, and wbmp file formats. The text and image watermark can also be set with different opacity and alignment. It can be placed in corners or center with different margins. It can also be aligned diagonally over the photo.

PhotoX provides settings saving feature to store the created watermark. The saved watermark can be re-called easily. PhotoX also provides four bonus tool: (1) Grayscale - convert your photos into grayscale; (2) Add Strip - add strips on top of photos; (3) Thumbnail - generate thumbnail of photos and (4) Fade Out - apply fading out effect to photos

PhotoX software costs $34.95 for a single-user license with free version upgrades.

For more information & to download the evaluation copy, visit our Web site at:

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