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Imorting cheque - Guest - 04-30-2009

I am having my data in excle and i directly want to import the data with import cheque function but it is importing the payee but not amount and i also not want to print date on cheque but in importing it is including current date plz help me out.

RE: Imorting cheque - admin - 04-30-2009


Please ensure you've only input the number for the amount and no currency unit.
ie. 1000 and not $1000
You may try the attached sample.

The import cheque is set to current date by default.
If you don't want to print the date, you can adjust the cheque template and set the four measurements for the date to zero.

In menu "Management > Cheque Template List"
Select your cheque template and edit it.
Set the four measurements to zero.