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Particulars/Audit code - Jessie Clifford - 10-03-2009

I'm still in the process of checking out the software and really liking it but one thing I want to make sure before buying it is that - is there a way to print the particulars and the audit code also? I read that these two fields will not be shown in the cheque and that is okay but our check layout has a perforated line and below the line we have to have the codes.

Any idea how?

RE: Particulars/Audit code - support - 10-03-2009


To add additional printing component on the cheque, you can set up a self-defined component in the cheque layout.

1. In menu "Management > Cheque Layout List"

2. Choose your bank cheque layout and edit it.

3. In the edit windows, you can setup a self-defined component.
(See first attachment)
Specify a name for this self-defined field, and its measurements (location, width and height).
You may also give a default value to it.

Save when it is ready.

4. You can create the chequebook associated with this cheque layout.

5. When preparing your cheque, you can find this additional field in the windows.
(See second attachment)
You can type and input your value there.