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Using the Variable "Personal Info" - grkerr - 03-01-2010

I want to personalize my emails and when I did a test check to some of my web-based email addys the "firstname" didn't show up in the text email received by recepient. What do I need to do in particular to make the firstname show up, ie., "Dear Bob," etc., etc.

RE: Using the Variable "Personal Info" - support - 03-01-2010


First, you need to prepare your Address Book and have fill-up those fields in the address book.

When you prepare the Email Template, you simply select those variables from the drop down list accordingly.
For example, to show "Dear Bob", "Dear Jane", etc. in email, you simply write "Dear " and then choose the "Firstname" in the variable list. The email template will show "Dear ${firstname}" then.

When sending email, RoboMail will merge the info from Address Book to your email template and make it personalize.
It will become "Dear Bob", "Dear Jane", ...