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robomail - Connie Wong - 03-24-2010

how the robomail works and how much it costs.

RE: robomail - support - 03-24-2010

(03-24-2010, 02:38 PM)Connie Wong Wrote: how the robomail works and how much it costs.

RoboMail is a mass mail software which allows you to send personalized email to your recipients. RoboMail helps you to merge your recipients' information, like name, into email and send a personalized email to them.
For example, you can add the salutation at the start of email. Like "Dear Mr Smith", "Dear David" for different recipient accordingly.

RoboMail sends email through SMTP server and you can use the SMTP server of your Internet Service Provider (ISP). RoboMail also has its built-in SMTP server. If your ISP allows you to use your own SMTP server, you can make use of the built-in SMTP server to send emails. The fastest speed of RoboMail is 1 email per second, which is about 3,000 email per hour.

You may find further information from
You can also download the free trial version of RoboMail in above URL

The price of RoboMail is US$85