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Load from Supplier List - serge - 04-13-2011

I have one small problem - how do loading from supplier list, if at the list hasn't suppliers in new version from old version. I think, I can remove, but-but how do make remove where is keybutton ?


Where is keybutton "MOVE" ?


RE: Load from Supplier List - support - 04-14-2011


You should prepare the supplier list in the main windows ("Supplier List" icon under Tools Box on the left).
Just like what you did for the customer list.

When you preparing the Purchase Order, you need to input the Supplier Info. You can click the "Load from Supplier List" button and it will popup the window of supplier list (that's your attached image).

The supplier list will be listed out, you can highlight the supplier and click the "Load to current document". The supplier info will loaded to the document then.

You may refer to the attached jpg.


RE: Load from Supplier List - serge - 06-11-2011

I thank you