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Frequently Asked Questions - support - 02-29-2008

Q: Can I put my company logo into the document?
A: Yes. You can upload your company logo into EasyBilling and set it in the document header. You can set it in "Company Information" under "Settings".

Q: Our company has own set of terms used in the quotation. Is it possible to change those wordings?
A: All the wordings in the documents can be changed. You can change them in "Document Label" under "Settings". The changes will applied to all the created documents automatically.

Q: How to add additional payment/shipping terms?
A: You can specify the Payment Options/Shipping Options in the "Define Terms" under "Settings". Once you define the term here, it is available to pick up in the document.

Q: What kind of viewer is needed to view the document?
A: To view the document, you need a PDF viewer, e.g. Acrobat Reader. It is free to download from www.acrobat.com

Q: What kinds of export format support?
A: All the documents can be exported into PDF, XLS (excel), and HTML formats.

Q: Is there any backup/restore features?
A: The backup/restore features are provided in the registered version. It allows to backup all the documents and related data, reports, and all the settings into a zip format.

Q: Will you help to build additional types of document into EasyBilling?
A: Yes. We understand different company has different needs. We are welcome any customization on EasyBilling. You can contact us for details. info@evinco-software.com

Q: I lost my license information. Can you help?
A: Please go to Retrieve License Information page to retrieve your license information.