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easy billing purchase info. - Guest - 06-18-2008

I would like to pay for your ver good software easy billing.
but i have a question

do you accept any any form of payment other than online
we do not have such service here in uganda and i would like
to pay by sending the payment direrctly to you by
western union or money gram

Please reply me as soon as you can with the detail on how
i can send the payment
Thank you

RE: easy billing purchase info. - support - 06-18-2008

You can make your order in the ordering page which also accept Wire Transfer.

Please choose the "ShareIt!" payment option. It will redirect to the ShareIt! payment page.
At the bottom of the page, you are provided with different payment options, include Credit Card, Wire Transfer.
Once you made your order, ShareIt! will sent the payment information accordingly.

Your license will be emailed to you within 24 hours when the payment is settled and cleared.