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RE: Wish list for Easybilling
(12-09-2009, 10:04 AM)Guest Wrote: Hi support,
Thanks for your quick response.
For (2), OK, I found it.
For (3), may be there is a bug. For my testing, the company name did not feed to the address box.

For (1) I am not going to fix the address box for a specified position. I understand it is only possible for a customize made program.
However, I think it may possible to add a option:
To print a more space (a blank line) between the address box and the date box.
Hope you can make it possible.

By the way:
Another bug report:
We can not add the entered text to the text storage.


For the address box, would you email us the layout of your document?
We can see if it is possible to build a customized version for you.

For point (3), please be note that the company name is loaded from Bill To & Ship To box and not "Customer"
The highlighted box in the attached image.

For the issue of text storage, we will check it.
Thanks for your suggestion and comment.


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