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Quick Receipt User Guide
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Receipt screen
This is the sample screen of Receipt. Layout and the fields may be varied depends on the design settings. At the top is Icon Bar, which has
Save - Save current document
Print - Print current document
Generate - Generate Packing List from current receipt

There are three tabs: Document Details, Private and Printed Records.
Document Details – User can prepare the document here. Document number is assigned automatically from user settings. User can specify the date, input customer and item information. Item information can be loaded from Item List by clicking [Add] button below the item table. Discount, Tax, Tendered can be enabled or disabled by user. To input Discount or Tax, simply click [...] button on the right which can input percentage or value. Total and other related fields will be calculated automatically.

Private – User can set the document status and write down private comment here. All the information under this tab will not be shown in the output document.

Printed Records – When the document is printed, a copy will be saved. The printed copies will be listed here. Click on the printing time will show the related printed copy.