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Smart Calendar User Guide
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Edit Calendar

  • To insert your events into calendar, simply click into the corresponding box and type in your events.

  • click the box to type your events

  • Click button to move to previous month and button to move to next month button and switch to another months.

  • Click add recurring event button button to add recurring events.

  • You can adjust the text alignment, background color and text color for the Day Box.
    • Click the text alignment icon, align to left button, align to center button, and align to right button to align the text to left, center and right respectively.

    • Click the font size button, bold toggle button, italic toggle button, and underline toggle button icon to alter the font style.

    • Click the Background Color Icon button to fill background color to fill the background color of the Day Box.

    • Click the Text Color Icon button to change text color to change the text color of the Day Box.