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Smart Calendar User Guide
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Smart Calendar setup file icon Smart Calendar is distributed in a single file, named "setup.exe". To install the software, just put double-click the "setup.exe" file. The auto-run feature will launch the installation program automatically.

Install Step-by-Step

Follows give sequence of the installation. First you need to specify accept the license agreement or not. After that select the destination location, select the components to installed, specify the start menu folder, create desktop icon, and finally start the installation.
Welcome screen of installation wizard

accept license agreement for installation

choose smart calendar install folder

select component to install

create Smart Calendar desktop icon

installation is ready to start

installation is running

install is complete


To uninstall Smart Calendar,

1. If you're using Smart Calendar, stop it.

2. Click Start, point to "Program Files > Smart Calendar".

3. Click "Uninstall Smart Calendar".

4. Follow the on-screen instructions. Smart Calendar will be uninstalled.