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RoboMail User Guide
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Email Template

Email Template is a HTML template that can plug with different variables, which is to send out personalized email to the recipients.

To build a email template, click [New] button in the tool-bar of main screen. A popup screen is show out for create the Email Template.

There are three part of the template,
(1) Details lists the basic information,
(2) Email Template shows a HTML editor to edit the template of email, and
(3) Email List lists the existing emails added to this template.

(1) Details

input basic information of email template, like sender, subject

You need to specify the title of the message, email address for Sender/Replyto/Cc/Bcc.

Message Priority - Specify message priority to show urgency of your email: Low, Normal and High.

Allow Duplicate - Specify whether duplicate message will send out if the email address appears in the list more than once.

Active - Set whether the message template is in active or not. If not, this message template will not process when start sending out emails.

Priority - Five is highest and One is lowest. Message with highest priority will process first when sending email out.

(2) Email Template

window to input email content, text or html

It is a HTML editor to type in the email. Using the tool-bar icons, you can maintain the attachments list, set the font type, size and style. You can adjust the text alignment and insert image, hyperlink or line break.

In the second row of the tool-bar. It lists out different attribute of recipient. They are grouped into four different categories, Personal Info, Contacts, Address, and Additional Info.
You can insert the attribute of the recipient by clicking corresponding item. When sending out the email, these variable will be replaced and the corresponding value of recipient will be inserted into the email.

Note: Variable "Full Name" is the combination of "Salutation", "Firstname", "Middlename" and "Lastname". "Full Address" is the combination of "Line 1", "Line 2", "City", "Province" and "Country".

The last two icons in the second row of the tool-bar are "Preview" and "Source".
"Preview" allows you to view the template in a browser.
"Source" allows you to view/edit the HTML source of email template.

(3) Email List

list to input email address for sending

The "Email list" shows out all the email address associated with the template that waiting to send out.

There are two ways to add recipients into template:

(1) Click [Add From Address Book] button to add address group from Address Book.

(2) Click [Add Email Address] button to add email address directly.

You can highlight the address and then click the "Delete" to remove it.

Search Box is provided to locate email address in the selected group. Fill in the address you want to search and click [Search] button.