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10 Starter Tips for Google Adwords

1. Use Negative Keywords

Prepare a list of negative keywords, otherwise you may pay for irrelavent clicks.
For example, if you sell website design template. You may put “free” into negative keywords list.

2.Turn off Content Targeting Network

AdWords beginners is easy to get loss in the content targeting. You may start the content targeting until you feel familiar with the Google Adwords.

3. Optimize your Landing Page

Don’t direct all the traffic to the same page. You should direct the visitor to different landing page for different Ad Group. You can tailor made the landing page to fit the theme of the Ad Group. It is also easier to track the performance of Ad Group.

4. Geo Targeting

If your products/services provided are target to local market or specific countries, you should set the Ad to show in those countries only.

5. Track Conversion not Click-Through Rate

In Adwords, Google always emphasis on Click-Through Rate (CTR). But, number of clicks or CTR is not important to you. Your target is the action taken in the website. For example, buy your product, signup newsletter, download your materials.

If there are thousands of click on your ad, but only one to take the action you want. It is meaningless and waste of money. But, on Google side, they are fine as they can make money.

So, you should trace the conversion rate. That is how many people click the ad and take the action.

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