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DK Finder: A fast and small desktop searching utility

DK Finder is a desktop search tool that indexes selected drives and folders and returns instant results for keyword searches. The program uses a smart indexing algorithm that can be configured to only scan files that have been modified recently, thereby reducing the time needed to update your index database.

It is a freeware simple and small file search utility that works fast because it makes an index. It’s much less resource consuming than Google Desktop Search or Windows Search 4.0.

You can search for file names and also for keywords contained within the files. You can sort and/or filter the results by file name and content, mark individual results and export them to text or CSV format.

Other features include extensive keyboard shortcuts, automatic index updates after file operations, group operations, configurable open/view/edit options, advanced filtering, folder exclusions, and more.

Further information of DK Finder can be found in following URL:


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