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An Effective Uninstaller

When you find some programs/software is no need, you may perform uninstallation. Sometimes, the program’s unistaller may not function as it should be and the uninstallation may fails. There are some files left behind or the registry is not cleanup.

It’s anonying to clean up the machine after uninstallation. You need to locate the files/registry entry one by one and take extremely care when deleting those files.

Revo Uninstaller is a free uninstall utility that includes additional system clean-up tools. It can perform uninstallation in a quick and effective fashion.

It does an extremely thorough job of getting rid of garbage left behind after only running the deleted program’s uninstaller.

It provides an alternate interface for the Windows Add/Remove software dialog that offers web search options, access to registry keys and some additional commands. The program also includes a startup manager to inspect and disable programs that start automatically as well as a privacy cleaner to remove Internet traces.

It is a secure deletion tool and an option to find and remove files, folders and registry keys that were left behind during uninstall.


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