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How to prepare an invoice?

Information in an Invoice
The following list shows the basic information should be shown in an invoice.
– Your Company name

– Company address

– Telephone number

– Email address.

– VAT registration number (if VAT is applied)

– Invoice number
The invoice should have a unique invoice number. You may also include a prefix in the invoice number. It can be used to indicate the customer or document types.

– Invoice Date

– Client Details
Include the customer name and address. You may also put the phone number for reference.

– Payment Term
States how you would like to receive the payment. You may need to state the payment due date also.

– Shipping Term
States how the items will be shipped to the customer

– Fees

– Amount of the line item
– Subtotal
– Tax/VAT (if applicable)
– Total Amount

– Notes
You may put some additional information into the Notes field.

Format of Invoice
If your customer accepts an electronic format of invoice, you should prepare your invoice in PDF format.
PDF format is good for electronic delivery as:
(1) PDF cannot be altered,
(2) it can be opened freely in different platforms,
(3) the layout of the invoice can be kept and printed correctly in different platforms.

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