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There are many things to consider when choosing a domain name. For example,

– think about .com or .net or .com.hk

– think about whether the domain is easy to remember.

– is there any similar domain name already exists.

– pick up other domain name vaients (e.g. shortform)

Actually, you need to consider something else also. Below are the two important issues you may ignore when choosing your domain name.

#1 Copyright

You need to ennsure that your domain name do not breach copyright or infringe trademarks. Even if you can get the domain name now, you may be sued later if you violate the copyright law.

#2 Own Your Domain Name

If you use a web designer or third party for your domain names, ensure they are registered in your name. That is your domain name is owned under your name, not the web designer, web hosting company or other third party.

Ensure you have a signed agreement with the company that they will release all the details (including password) to you. Because if you move your web site to another hosting company, you need to have a domain password to make the change. However the domain password are normally kepted by the party who help you register the domain name. Be sure you can get back the domain password from them.

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