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Logo: Brand Recognition for Web Site

Logo is important for a company, product or a brand name. You also need a logo for your website. It can build brand recognition.
You may use your company logo as your website logo. You can create a new logo solely for your website.

Below are few guides you should consider when design your logo:

1. Use of Colour

Your logo should be designed to fit different usage. You need variants of your logo to use in
– a greyscale environment
– situation not support full color
– dark/light background

2. Square / Rectangle

Logo should be fit into a square or a rectangle horizontally.

3. Resolution

Create your logo in high resolution. It is easier to scale down your logo. Enlarge a small logo only bring you a poor quality image.

4. Keep your source file

Don’t just keep the output JPEG/GIF/BMP file. Keep your design source file, you will find helpful when you need to make some changes.
If you use PhotoShop, keep the psd file. If you use Illustrator, keep the ai file.

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