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Open and read your marketing email

If you have a killing sales letter then email marketing can mean profits for you. But you need to ensure your email is read, otherwise you still got nothing. How will you ensure that your e-mail get opened? You need to know how people will handle spam email.

The first criteria people to determine email is spam or not is the “From” field. Simply put, most people check to see who sent the e-mail before they decide to open it or not. You are doing the similar things.
If the sender is someone you know or sound familiar, you will open those emails first. So, you need to provide a correct “Sender” that give your reader confidence to open email.

Another is your email title. Don’t make it with too much advertising wording. Keep it realistic. Email Title is another piece to determine the email is spam by the reader. So you should make it sound reasonable.

Most important is to use permission e-mailing. Build a list of opt-in e-mail subscribers. Encourage your website visitor to subscribe your newsletter. You can provide some freebies, like ebook.
But remember, don’t create a hard-sell newsletter. Don’t send them with a daily hard sell promotion. Provide your subscribers with useful information with reasonable-amount advertisement. Your advertisement should closely related to the email content. Then they will definitely read the email if they find the information is useful.

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