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Organize Your Work With Calendar

Have you forgot an appointment or missed a deadline? Missing an appointment or deadline may result a lost of business opportunity, or project failure. It is important to develop a calendar system to get yourself organized and manage your time and activities.

1. Get a Calendar
The easiest way is to put a wall calendar or desktop calendar in your workplace. It should be easily reachable. Don’t stick it too high on the wall and don’t be buried by other stuffs.

2. Full Month View
A full month view calendar is the best to organize your activities. You can easily review which day is busy and which day is empty. This is important as you can put the new events into those empty days and not the busy day.

Full month view calendar also reminds you time flies. You can easily see how many days passed and how many days left in the current month.

3. Weekly or Daily Calendar
If you want to have a closer look on your recent activities, you may use weekly or daily calendar. But it’s better to keep a monthly calendar, this can give you the whole picture.

4. Update your Calendar
This is the most important. To make your calendar system work, you should keep update your calendar. If you’ve any new event/activity, you should check against your calendar and add it immediatly.

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