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With more and more sites requiring rigid passwords, with mixed case, alpha-numeric, and over 8 characters. It is difficult to remember every password for every site. If you have more than one PC or you need to travel and use other PC, it is troublesome to manage those password or login form.

RoboForm2Go provides you a portable password manager. It is a secure password manager and form filler. It stores your login information and can run directly from a USB drive. When you attached your USB disk to the PC, the password manager and form filler are ready in Internet Explorer. You can login to your sites with a single click from the toolbar.

You don’t need to worry about traces of its use being left behind. In the cache and temp files, there is no traces of your personal info or passwords remained on the pc after its use. When you remove the USB drive from the host computer, no traces of RoboForm2Go are left behind.

The free version allows you to store up to 10 logins.
You can find further information in following URL:

ChequeSystem 支票列印管理軟件

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