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Save Power and Lengthen Computer Life

A research from a university in Canada state that the power consumption of a computer in standby mode is about 35W per hour. It’s a little bit more than a light bulb. Those it is not much compared with the whole office. However, if you use your computer in a sensible way, you’re not only save the power consumption, but also reduce the failure rate of your machine.

Below are six ways to save the power consumption of your computer:

1. If the computer is idle in less than an hour, it’d better to switch into standby mode.

2. If the computer is idle for more than an hour, it’d better to turn it off.

3. Turn the power off if your printer is not in use. Many peripheral equipments are keep in stand-by mode, it always keep ready to accept task from your computer. But actually even the equipment is in stand-by mode, it is connected and waste the power.

4. If your CPU is always keep in high temperature, it’s not only increase failure rate, the power consumption is also high. You should use the CPU temperature control software.

5. Reduce the brightness of your monitor and it can save the power. Your eye can work in a comfortable environment too.

6. If you use the computer to play music, why not turn your monitor off.

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