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SiteAdvisor http://www.siteadvisor.com is a McAfee free service to test web site and keep safe from spyware, spam, virus and online scams.

It will test the website on different matters, includes Email, Download, Online Affiliation and Annoyances

Email Test is about web site’s e-mail practices. It will check how much e-mail website send as well as how spammy the e-mail are

Downloads Test will test the impact website site’s downloadable software had on testing computer.

Online Affiliations examines how the web site tries to get you to other sites.

Annoyances are test against common Web practices, include pop-up, request to change user’s homepage, add to bookmark favourites.

It is very simple to use. Just type in a website (e.g. yahoo.com) it will tell you whether the site is safe (green) or not (red). It will have email test, download test, link to other site test and show you the result of every test.

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