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1. Remove unnecessary stuff

Is the background music necessary? Do you need the animated gif? Do you need those fancy javascript?
Check your page and find out those unnecessary stuff.
If those things can help improve your website conversion, keep it. Otherwise, remove it to reduce the loading time.

2. Avoid nested tables

Browsers take more time to parse nested tables.
This will take longer time to display your webpage.

3. Use Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)

Replace your inline style setting with the CSS class.
This can greatly save the page size and also improve the cleaness of your webpage.
It is easier to maintain a single style sheet file than maintain many inline elements.

4. Optimize your images

Always resize the image to make it best-fit for webpage.
You do not need high resolution of image for the webpage.

5. Remove whitespaces and those addins by HTML editor

Remove unnecessary space between your tags.
Also, some HTML editors may add additional tag in your web page.
You remove them to reduce the page size.

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