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Ten Web Design Tips You Should Keep In Mind

1. Avoid those “little funny stuff”, like page counters, java text scrolling, flashing images, and animation.

2. Avoid using large files. Try to reduce the size of thos multimedia files, like image, sound, and video.

3. Avoid incorporating download plugins. Flash is funny, but you will loose visitors if you don’t provide an HTML alternative.

4. Avoid “Horizontal Scrolling”. Ensure that the visitor does not have to scroll horizontally.

5. Avoid using frames.

6. Avoid using too much fonts. Use standard font can ensure your webpage looks the same in different browsers.

7. Avoid “auto-run” background music.

8. Avoid “Wall of Text”. Use paragraphs, heading, bulleted lists.

9. Avoid resize the visitor’s browser windows. Let the visitor has the control.

10. Avoid registration. Your visitor is looking for information and not vice versa.

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