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Webpage loading time depends on a lot of different factors. Besides text content, picture size, flash files, but also other necessary loading CSS, Js, and other files. If there are many objects to load, the speed to load the page may affected.

Pingdom Tools is a free testing tools for page loading. It will tells you the loading time of your webpage one by one, and provide a very detailed charts and statistical information.

Full Page Test will be load your webpage completely, including all objects (images, CSS, JavaScripts, Rss, Flash and frames). This test will mimic the browser page loading situation.

Load time of all objects will show out on time bar. You can view by time line or in a tree structure. The tree view can show the links and relation of different objects.

This test will also lists the general statistics, such as the total number of objects, the total download time and size

Pingdom Tools can be found in following URL


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