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Do you know what exactly starts with your computer during startup?

Starter is a startup manager, that allows you to view and manage all the programs that are starting automatically whenever Windows boots. It also shows you detailed information about the startup items, as well as services and running processes.

You can view the processes running and vary the priority or terminate a process. It lists all the hidden registry entries, as well as the common Startup Folder items as well. It also allows you to export and import various start up configurations depending on what you may want to do when you turn your computer on.

It lets you disable (and re-enable) dubious programs, so you can use trial-and-error if you are not sure, then you can permanently remove them. You can choose to safely disable selected entries, edit them or delete them altogether. Expert users can even add their own entries.

Starter can be found in following URL:


ChequeSystem 支票列印管理軟件
除了列印支票, ChequeSystem軟件可儲存支票記錄, 製作月結單,帳戶/收款人報告

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