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Write a web page that can sell

Website is an important sales channel. You should have a professional web page to boost your sales.
Follows are the list that can improve your webpage.

1. Write a attractive headline

What is the main benefit of your product? Write it into a short sentence as Headline.

2. List the product’s benefits

List your product’s benefits one by one, which can grep the reader’s attention. Only list benefits and not features.

3. Show your credibility

Let your reader know why they should believe you. Who are you? What your company does?

4. Explain the features of your product

Explain how your product will solve reader’s problem.

5. Include customer’s testimonials

Mention testimonials of customers that have already bought from you.

6. Beat the competition

Tell reader how superior your product is compared with your competitor.

7. Make a summary

Make a summary of your product info for easy understanding.

8. Show the price

Show your price to customer. Don’t expect reader will ring you and ask for the price.

9. Offer shopping guarantee

You can offer a “money back” guarantee or other supporting services.

10. Show your order process

Readers need to understand the order process before they can make the order.

11. Ask for action

You must ask your reader to take action.

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