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Search your site with Yahoo Search Builder

Do you want to provides a search in your site to facilitate visitors to locate your products and services? Visitors can easily find information from your site with the search function provided. It can be done easily with Yahoo Search Builder.


You need to sign in with your Yahoo! Id to use this service.

These search builder provides a wizard to guide you in building the search box.
You first need to click the “Create a new search” on the right hand side. It will bring you to the first step of wizard.

#1. Define Search Engine
You need to provide a search name and specify the search types. You can search the web, search specific site, or search Yahoo! News.

#2. Design Search Box
In this step, you can customize the search box on the layout and color. You can specify the color and the size to fit your website style.

#3. Brand Search Results
In Step 3, it allows you to customize the search result page. Here you can provide a banner text and logo in the result page. Also you can suggest font and color for the search results.

#4. Add to your site
It is the last step, the html code is ready for you. You can copy and paste the HTML code into your website. You can view your web page to see the search box functions.

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