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2024-02-29 Launches YouTube Channel and Facebook Page

HONG KONG, Feb. 29, 2024 - Evinco Solutions Ltd is excited to announce the launch of its official YouTube channel and Facebook page. These platforms will provide valuable resources for our customers, offering how-to videos and timely software updates.

The YouTube channel will feature informative how-to videos, showcasing our software's capabilities and offering step-by-step guides for users of all skill levels. Our Facebook page will keep our community informed about the latest software updates and enhancements.

To subscribe to our YouTube channel, visit For the latest software news, follow our Facebook page at

2023-08-01 Evinco Introduces New Version of its Cheque Printing Management Software with Enhanced Features

HONG KONG, Aug. 01, 2023 – Evinco Solutions Limited has recently announced the release of a new version of its ChequeSystem software. This popular software now offers additional features and improvements aimed at helping users streamline their cheque-related tasks more efficiently.

ChequeSystem is a powerful and user-friendly software tool that enables users to easily print various data on cheques. The software also includes comprehensive cheque management capabilities, allowing users to effortlessly track and manage the status of their cheques. Additionally, it provides reporting functionality, enabling users to conveniently export cheque records for further analysis and statistical purposes.

The new version of ChequeSystem introduces several enhancements to deliver an even better user experience. Here are some key updates:
- Improved Payee List with Additional Fields: In the new version, the payee list has been enhanced and expanded. Users can now set up more custom fields within the list to better organize and manage payee information.
- Dashboard Displaying Cheque Book Statistics: The dashboard feature provides users with quick statistics, including the total number of cheques and total amount.
- Faster Report Opening and Processing Speed: The software's reporting capabilities have been optimized for faster opening and processing speed. Users can swiftly generate and view cheque record reports.
- Added Stamp Field on Payment Voucher: The inclusion of a stamp field enhances the clarity and professionalism of payment vouchers.

The latest version of ChequeSystem offers users more convenience and efficiency, saving time and effort while ensuring the accuracy and reliability of cheque-related tasks.

Users can access the latest version through the software's update feature. Visit the official web page ( for more information and to download a trial version.

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2022-10-10 Evinco Solutions Ltd releases Quick Receipt software version 1.4.3, a sales receipt software designed for thermal printer.

Hong Kong, 10 Oct 2022 -- Evinco Solutions Ltd releases Quick Receipt software version 1.4.3

Quick Receipt software is a sales receipt software designed for thermal printer. User can prepare sales receipt quickly from the user friendly interface. With a few click, user can easliy pick customer and items information into receipt. The receipt is ready to send to thermal printer for printing directly. Quick receipt supports 58mm and 80mm paper and the layout of the receipt is fully customizable. User can add set logo, header, footer and also the item columns in the receipt to fit the business needs. Quick receipt software not only provide receipt, but also sales invoice and packing list.

An image copy will be saved when the document is printed. User can easily trace and review the document records. The software also provides multiple reports and user can easily review the sales data and item sales figures. Quick Receipt software supports multiple databases which can be used to manage different companies.

For more information and to download the evaluation copy, visit our Web site at:

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2022-08-30 EasyBilling Invoicing Software v8.9.0 is released

HONG KONG, Aug. 30, 2022 - Evinco Solutions Ltd releases EasyBilling Invoicing Software v8.9.0

EasyBilling provides a user-friendly interface to prepare different types of sales document include Quotation, Invoice, Receipt, and Delivery Note. User only makes a few click to choose the customer and products, EasyBilling will help in settling the layout and format of the document. The documents can be exported into PDF/HTML/Excel and they are ready to be sent to customers as a PDF attachment of email or print out directly. EasyBilling is highly customizable. Users can easily customize EasyBilling to fit their company's need. Users can add their own logo and the document header, footer, numbering, labels, columns and color are all customizable. In version 8.9.0, EasyBilling supports item price by measurement. Item price can be calculated by item unit or by measurements (Length, Width, Height, Area, Volume or Weigth). It provides flexibility to fit the needs of different businesses.

Photos can be attached to the document as appendix. The photos can be listed in different tabular formats with a descriptive caption. It provides customer a good reference with the photo shown in the documents. It also allows to add photo in line item of document.

EasyBilling provides easy-to-use customer list and item list. User can define the customer list and item list and those customer/item information can be easily loaded into document. Report function provides complete information on all sales and payment activities. Sales and payment information can be traced globally, monthly or by customers. Monthly Statement for Invoice, Customer Purchase History and Item Sales Report are also available. All document data can be exported in Raw Data Format for further analysis.

EasyBilling supports Windows and Mac OS platform. It costs $124.50 for a single-user license with 1-year free upgrades.

For more information and to download the evaluation copy, visit our Web site at:

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2021-01-19 Evinco Software Windows 11 Compatibility

We have already test our software on Windows 11. The installation process and the software operation work normal on Windows 11 system.

To avoid any abnormal situation, we suggest you to make a backup on your ChequeSystem / EasyBilling / RoboMail data before performing the Windows 11 upgrade. In the software, click menu "Tools > Backup" and save the backup zip file. Please keep the zip file in safe place. You need to perform backup on every workspace if you have more than one workspace in ChequeSystem / EasyBilling.

2021-04 Quick Receipt Software

Quick Receipt software is designed for Thermal Printer. It can help SME/Soho user prepare sales receipt in an easy and quick way. Visit Quick Receipt software for details.

2019-03-24 Improves Online Chat support and provides Whatsapp service

We have improve online chat system in website and also provide Whatsapp support service (Whatsapp +852 5237-1808). Customer can contact Evinco by phone, email, online chat, or Whatsapp.

2017-12-28 Migrate to https

Few years ago Evinco website migrate ordering and contact related webpages to use https protocol. Now we further migrate other web pages to https, include software information, software online documentation, knowledge sharing, support forum, online chat, to improve the security of Evinco website.

2015-08-10 EasyBilling MacOS Version Released

MacOS version of EasyBilling Invoicing Software is released. MacOS version has all the same features and user interface as the Windows version. We will provide update to both Windows and MacOS version for future version release.

MacOS version can be downloaded from following URL. After download, click on the pkg file to start the installation.

2015-09-21 Update: MacOS version of ChequeSystem, RoboMail, PhotoX, PhotoPDF and Smart Calendar Software are released.

2015-06-30 Evinco Software Windows 10 Compatibility

We have already test our software on Windows 10 Technical Preview.

We have test with both 32-bit and 64-bit version. The software runs well and we don't see any abnormal behaviour. We expect it can run well in the Windows 10 official release.

To avoid any abnormal situation, we suggest you to make a backup on your ChequeSystem / EasyBilling / RoboMail data before performing the Windows 10 upgrade. In the software, click menu "Tools > Backup" and save the backup zip file. Please keep the zip file in safe place. You need to perform backup on every workspace if you have more than one workspace in ChequeSystem / EasyBilling.

2015-04-30 Evinco Website Mobile Friendly

We've improve our website to follow the Responsive Design. It is now mobile friendly and can be view nicely in Mobile Phone or Tablet.

2013-12-02 Evinco Software are compatible with Windows 8.1

With the release of Windows 8.1, we have tested our software: CamShot, ChequeSystem, EasyBilling, PhotoPDF, PhotoX, RoboMail, Smart Calendar and they are compatible with Windows 8.1

2012-12-20 Evinco Software are compatible with Windows 8

Evinco Software includes CamShot, ChequeSystem, EasyBilling, PhotoPDF, PhotoX, RoboMail, Smart Calendar are now support and compatible with Windows 8.

2011-12-15 Revise Knowledge Sharing Column

We post articles on Knowledge Sharing column to share our experience on Office Productivity, Online Marketing, etc. Recently, we've revised Knowledge Sharing column with a newly design layout. The new layout shows articles from different categories on the main page.
Visit Knowledge Sharing column.

2010-12-10 Demostration of Evinco Software in Youtube Channel

We have setup Youtube Channel and uploaded demostration video of Evinco Software. The video shows the operation of the software, which can help users to have a better understanding on the software operation. The videos also be listed in the "How-to" page of the software. We will produce more demostration video of Evinco software and share in the Youtube Channel.

Evinco Youtube Channel Website :

Evinco youtube channel

2010-05-01 High Speed Download

Evinco puts continuous efforts in offering excellent services. We have adapted the content delivery network and offer high-speed download for the trial version of oftware. The maximum download speed can be up to 800KB/S and the download can be completed within 1 minute.

2009-11-21 Get Year 2010 Calendar!

We have prepared the 2010 Calendar for you.
Thumbnail of 2010 Calendar
==> Download 2010 Calendar

2009-11-13 Immediate License Delivery

Start using Evinco Software in 2 minutes! Immediately after completing your online purchase, we will sent you an e-mail which contains the license information to convert the trial version into full version.

2009-10-11 License Retrieve Page

Lost your license? No problem. We've built a web page for you to retrieve your software license. Simply provide your registered email address, we'll email the license information to you.

2009-09-01 Enrich Knowledge Sharing Column

We've finished the upgrade on Knowledge Sharing Column. Gust can post comment to our post and express their views. We also setup a new category "Royalty-Free Photo" which share free photos taken by our colleagues.

2009-08-15 Technical Support Forum Upgrade

We've upgrade our Support Forum. User can subscribe to the question and get notification of any reply.

2009-07-20 We've moved.

Our new address information details are as follows:
Evinco Solutions Limited
Unit 2202, Causeway Bay Plaza 1,
489 Hennessy Road,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


To facilitate our business development, Evinco Solutions Limited decided to switch our domain to

However, we will keep our old domain name,
Customers can still approach us via any old email address (

Fact Sheet - Buy Software Online Guide

Software Industry Professionals prepare a fact sheet about "Buy Software Online Guide". Click to get "Buy Software Online Guide". In this simple guide, you will find out the benefits to buy software online.

Software Industry Professionals is one of the world's largest groups representing members of the software industry, with over 2200 members in 93 countries.

Evinco Software are digitally signed.

We are pleased to announce that our software are now digitally signed. Our signed software ensures that you can verify the origin of the software, as well as verify that no one has tampered with it.
Evinco Software Digital Signed

Read more on Evinco Software are digitally signed

Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year of OX (January 26th 2009). We wish you prosperity and happiness.
2009 CNY

PhotoPDF Photo to PDF Converter is released.

On 26 Jan 2009, Evinco Solutions Limited releases the latest self-developed software "PhotoPDF Photo to PDF Converter" v2.3.0

PhotoPDF is a batch processing tool to convert photos into PDF file. PhotoPDF provides two mode of conversion: Batch Convert and Photos Merge. "Batch Convert" convert each photo into individual PDF files in batch and "Photos Merge" merge multiple photos into a single PDF file. The customized settings allow to alter the output. User can specify the paper size, like Image Size, A3, A4, A5 or define by yourself. The output orientation can be chosen between portrait and landscape. And the resolution can be adjusted from 72 dpi to 1800 dpi. PhotoPDF Support BMP, JPG and GIF format.

PhotoPDF is only US$39.95. It can be order online via ShareIt! and PayPal.
Details can be found in PhotoPDF Product Page.

Merry Christmas!

2008 Xmas

Evinco prepares 2009 Calendar for you

2009 Calendar
Download 2009 Calendar

Smart Calendar Software is released.

On 26 Sep 2008, Evinco Solutions Limited releases the latest self-developed software "Smart Calendar".

Smart Calendar software help you to prepare and generate Event Calendar, you can type your events into calendar easily. Events can be highlighted with background or text color. Calendar can be exported into PDF, EXCEL and HTML format.

It can be order online via PayPal or ShareIt!. Details can be found in Smart Calendar Product Page.

Evinco prepares 2008 Calendar for you

Download 2008 Calendar

Order Backup CD

You can now order a backup cd for US$10.50 when ordering your software in the Order Page.

Evinco prepares 2007 Calendar for you

Download 2007 Calendar

Enhance Customer Support Services

On 19 Nov 2006, Evinco Solutions Limited stengthen customer support services by providing additional communication channel for customer. These communication channel includes: Online Chat Support and Support Forum.

Customer can now have a online chat with our technical support staff. The usage of the online chat is simple and customer can ask for help easily with these online tools. "Online Chat" can be found in contact page

Besides online chat, customers can post their questions on the support forum. The URL is

PhotoX Batch Watermark Creator is released

On 20 May 2006, Evinco Solutions Limited releases the latest self-developed software "PhotoX Batch Watermark Creator".

PhotoX is a batch image processing tool to help create watermark on the images. User can easily stamp an watermark on the photos to protect their intellectual property easily. It can be order online via ShareIt! and PayPal.
Details can be found in PhotoX Product Page.

Get 2006 Calendar

Evinco prepares a great 2006 Calendar. Download 2006 Calendar.

ChequeSystem Cheque Printing Software

ChequeSystem allows you to print/manage your cheques, provides much more function than Cheque Writer. Now Only US$97.50

Knowledge Sharing" Column

Knowledge Sharing column share experience from our techncial team on Internet Usage/Computer Knowledge, which help you utilize the IT resources to explore business opportunities.

"EasyBilling - Professional Maker of Quotations, Invoices and Receipts"

Another innovative software is developed for SME/Soho user, EasyBilling.
It helps you in preparing different "Professional Looking" sales document. Click EasyBilling Software to view details.

CatStudio Catalog Studio Software

CatStudio - a feature-rich environment to create Web-based, Movie and PDF catalog. To know more about the unique function of CatStudio, click here.

RoboMail Most Comprehensive Mass Mail Software

The newly developed mass mail software, RoboMail, is ready. To know more about the unique function of RoboMail, click RoboMail software for details.

Leaflet about RoboSales system is available for download

Have a deep look on the RoboSales System. Click here to download the RoboSales Leaflet in PDF format.