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Steps to buy Evinco software
Steps to buy Evinco software
How to buy the software with credit card via PayPal?
  1. Buy Software
  2. Go to "Buy Software" webpage

  3. Payment
  4. Make payment via PayPal.
    PayPal accepts PayPal, and Visa/Master, American Express, Discover payments.

  5. Receive License Information via Email
  6. Once payment is settled, you will receive the License Information email immediately. The email title is "License Information of [YOUR_SOFTWARE]" and sent from Evinco Account Dept ([email protected]). The email looks like:

  7. Register in Trial Version
  8. In the trial version, you can register directly with your license information. After registerion, your trail version will be converted into a legal copy. Registration Process:

    1. In Menu click "Help" > "Register"
    2. In the registration dialog, fill in "License Id" and "Owner" as provided
    3. Click "OK" when ready
    4. You may need to restart your software to effective the license

  9. Start Using
  10. After registration, you can use the software freely.

    * Technical support information will be sent out afterwards.