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Smart Calendar Software Helps Preparing and Generating Event Calendar

Hong Kong, 29 Jun 2009 -- Evinco Solutions Ltd releases Smart Calendar Software version 1.9.0

Smart Calendar version 1.9.0 helps preparing and generating event calendar

Smart Calendar software helps to prepare and generate Event Calendar. User can type events into calendar quickly. It works like a traditional calendar. Create event calendar is easy and simple. User only needs to choose the year and month for the calendar. The calendar windows will be shown for user to fill the events into different day boxes.

The style of the day boxes can be fully customized. User can alter the text alignment of day boxes, left, center or right. For any events need special attention, the font style can be adjusted. The text can be set as Bold, Italic, Underline. User can even enlarge the font size to increase the visibility. More than that, the color of day boxes can be adjusted. User can set the background color and text color for different events. With these highly customized day boxes, user can easily distinguish between different events.

Smart Calendar supports different paper sizes: A3, A4, A5, Legal and Letter. User can export the calendar with A4 or A5 paper and used as desktop calendar. User can then change the paper size to A3 and print the calendar, and stick it on the wall. Calendar can be printed in portrait or landscape mode.

Smart Calendar supports different export formats, the calendar can be exported into PDF and email to colleagues for easy sharing. User also can export the calendar into HTML format and publish to the web. The calendar can even be exported into Excel format.

It also provides a yearly and monthly blank calendar printing wizards which helps printing the yearly and monthly calendar.

Smart Calendar costs $44.95 for a single-user license with free upgrades.

For more information & to download the evaluation copy, visit the product web page at:

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