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EasyBilling Software Generates Professional-Looking Sales Documents

Hong Kong, 30 Nov 2009 -- Evinco Solutions Ltd releases EasyBilling software version 2.7.0, professional maker of sales documents. EasyBilling provides ten types of sales document include Quotation, Invoice, Receipt, and Delivery Note.

EasyBilling provides a user-friendly interface to prepare sales document. User only makes a few click to choose the customer and products, EasyBilling will help in settling the layout and format of the document. The documents can be exported into PDF/HTML/Excel and they are ready to be sent to customers as a PDF attachment of email or print out directly. EasyBilling is highly customizable. Users can easily customize EasyBilling to fit their company's need. Users can add their own logo and the document header, footer, numbering, labels, columns and color are all customizable. Option boxes feature allows user specify the field, like signature box, is shown or not. Stamp can be put on top of the document to mark as "Urgent", "Revised", "Confidential" or others.

Photos can be attached to the Quotation and Invoice. The photos can be listed in different tabular formats with a descriptive caption. It provides customer a good reference with the photo shown in the documents.

EasyBilling provides easy-to-use customer list and item list. User can define the customer list and item list and those customer/item information can be easily loaded into document. Report function provides complete information on all sales and payment activities. Sales and payment information can be traced globally, monthly or by customers. Monthly Statement for Invoice is also available. All document data can be exported in Raw Data Format for further analysis.

For more information and to download the evaluation copy, visit our Web site at:

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