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recurring events - peter-kaiser@rogers.com - 07-30-2010

I want to know how one puts recurring events that one identified in one year into a calendar in a subsequent year.

RE: recurring events - support - 07-31-2010

The working logic of Adding Recurring Event is similar to other calendar application, like Google Calendar.
First, you specify the start date of the Recurring Events.
Then, specify the recurring pattern and the last date of the recurring events.
The software will help you to fill in event according to your defined pattern.

For example, you can create a recurring event says from 1-Jan-2010 to 31-Dec-2013.
First, create a calendar that last over 2010 till 2013.
Click on to the start date of the recurring events, says 1-Jan-2010.
You can click "Add Recurring Event" and specify the pattern (Says, every 3months)
The event will then be added to
1-Jan-2010, 1-Apr-2010, 1-Jul-2010, 1-Oct-2010, 1-Jan-2011, 1-Apr-2011, 1-Jul-2011, and so on.