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CC not working - frontrow - 05-29-2007

I have sent out emails with a CC address and that address is not receiving any emails. I can see within the TO: address that it also had a CC address.



RE: CC not working - support - 05-29-2007

From your reported case, we have re-test the CC and BCC functions. They work fine. Message can be sent out successfully which follows the CC/BCC settings. All the mentioned recipients can get the messages successfully.

You can check the following  to see
1. ensure the CC/BCC address are input correctly. RoboMail will not process any invalid address, e.g. no @ sign.
2. if your message is sent to a large number of recipients, your "CC" address will recieve that number of copy. Mail server may treat that big number of copy as junk mail. It may block the messages or put them into spam folder, you can check your spam folder too.