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PhotoX User Guide
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Command Line Control

Before using Command Line Control

To make use of the command line control, you need to prepare the watermark and save it in profile which using in command line control.

Command Line Control

1. Click "Start" > "Run" and type "cmd"

2. Change to PhotoX installed folder. Normally it is installed in C:\Program Files\PhotoX
i.e. cd c:\program files\photox

3. Change to bin folder
i.e. cd bin

4. To capture image into c:\temp\abcd.jpg
Type "..\jre\java.exe -jar photoxs.jar -watermark PROFILE PHOTOS_TO_STAMP OUTPUT_FOLDER"

PROFILE = You can prepare different watermark profile in GUI mode for later use.
PHOTOS_TO_STAMP = full path of photos to stamp with watermark, separated by comma or semi-colon.
OUTPUT_FOLDER = directory to store the stamped photos. Photo name is same as the original.