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PhotoX Batch Watermark Software
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many pictures at a time can be water marked?
A: There is no limit. You can add any number of photos or the whole folder to the software for watermarking.

Q: Do you have any server based software?
A: No. PhotoX is a standalone application.

Q: I lost my license information. Can you help?
A: Please go to Retrieve License Information page to retrieve your license information.

Q: Can I apply all the effects at the same time? e.g. Add watermark to photos and convert them to grayscale then.
A: Yes. You can make the settings as usual, click menu "Tools > Apply Multiple Effects" to apply.

Q: I have added a photo to the software, but I cannot preview or watermark it?
A: The image may has a corrupted color profile which make our program cannot read the image. You can open your image with PhotoShop or other images editor software. And save the copy without using its "Color Profile". This can get rid of the corrupted color profile.

Q: When I put a watermark (text) on an image, it is so deep into the corners, it often gets cut off at the lab. Is there no way to specify where in the corner the image is placed?
A: You can adjust the margin for the watermark. By adjusting the margin, you can place the watermark to any place you want.
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