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There are thousand million of web site in the Internet. It is not easy to make your website popular. You also need to spend time and continuous efforts to promote your website. Following are the four basic steps that you must takes.

1. Keywords
Write a list of keywords that you want your website to be found in search engines. You should check against the popularity and competitiveness of those keywords. Some keywords may have high searching rate in search engines but it may returns million of search result. Some keywords may have lower searching rate but it has fewer competitors. You should select those keywords which fit your needs.

Make sure the keywords can be found in the content of your website, but also the page title and the meta tags.

2. Useful and Unique Content
Try to provide useful and unique contents in your website. This is important as people are looking information in the Internet. If the information you provided is unique and you are the only source in the internet, people must visit your website to get the information. This unique contents may be a ebook or a report published by you.

3. Building Link
There are many ways to build the link. You can participate to the community forum, or post comment to other’s blog. You may also make use of the social media to build the link, for example digg.com, facebook or twitter.

4. Update Regularly
Keep posting new information to make your website fresh. This can encourage visitor to re-visit your website.

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  1. LKL

    Point 4. It seems that keep provide new information is important for google indexing and rankging.

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    Hello there. Thank you. I visit it regularly to get the latest stuff. Extremely helpful posting.

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    Yes its true, these steps really help in driving traffic to your site