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Be care of spyware

What is Spyware?

Spyware is a software that has the capability to intrude, intercept and
take control of the operations of a computer that it invades without the
approval of the owner or user of the computer. Most spywares can access
the valuable personal data that be stored in your computer, which can
cause financial losses.

How the computer get affected?

– Webpage “pop up” ads,
– downloadable games,
– downloadable music, and
– screensavers.

What will spyware do in the computer?

– Read your email
– Access your email address book
– Record which keystrokes you typed
– Access your credit card information that stored
– Get know your passwords listed in computer
– Track all the websites that you visit

How can I know my computer is infected with spyware?

– computer runs slowly
– some softwares do not run correctly
– some programs are installed that you are not aware of before
This may shows your computer is infected with spyware. You should
download a anti-spyware tool and scan your computer for spyware. This
is one of the common anti-spyware tools. It’s free!


Remeber to keep your anti-spyware tools updated and runs it frequently
to clean up your computer.

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