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This time we get our graphic designer to write an article for about the
color usage in your web site. The article will talk about different
color usage on the business sites. How’s the color raise the interest of
website visitor. It also list a web-based color scheme generator tool.

Many website are overlooking the important of colors. They just
concentrate on the flash, on the image, or the icon. Actually, different
color can bring different feelings to the visitors. In a business
website, you need to raise the visitor interest on your product or
services. And the most important objective is to encourage the vistor
to make enquiry or make an order.

First let’s have a brief study on the color.

Red: passion, fire, love, lust, violence, blood, aggression. It is to
motivate to take action, convey a warning, or stop the user.

Pink: romantic, calming, cute, soft and feminine. It can be used to
appeal to a users caring or romantic side.

Orange: vibrant, warm. It also associated with autumn. It can be used
to stimulate the mind and provide emotional lift.

Yellow: sunshine, caution, construction, happiness, warmth, hope,
light, energy, weakness or illness, or symbolize cowardice.

Green: spring, renewal, fertility, jealousy, inexperience, health,
growth, environmental. It can be used to give freshness mind to the

Blue: peaceful, sad, sky, sea, intelligence, reassurance, trust,
depress and sadness.

Purple: creativity, royal and mysterious.

Black: power, elegance, and sophistication, evil, anger and sadness.
Remember it can mean death in West.

White: cleanliness, purity, life, marriage. Again it can mean death in

Gray: conservation, security, maturity, reliability.

Brown: readability, stability, home, environmental.

With some understanding on the meaning of color, you can pick some
colors that suit your business or website needs.

Here’re some simple guidelines for color usage in business website.
1. As a general rule, rich, classy and traditional colors like blue,
gray, brown is suitable for business websites.
2. You can also use the black texts on white backgrounds
to ensure readability.
3. To grab attention to the subject matter, you can use the bold color
4. Never use more than 3-4 colors on a page.
5. Use a web safe color as a background color to your web site.
6. You can use complementary colors, those that are found across
another color, likes orange and blue, green and blue.
7. You can use monochromatic colors, which uses different shades of the
same color.

Fianlly, you can find a free web tool in following URL. You can use
this web tool to try different combination of color. http://wellstyled.com/tools/colorscheme2/index-en.html

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