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Clean Up your Computer

You may preform virus scanning regularly to keep your computer clean from virus. You should also preform regular cleaning on your computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse and other hardwares.

1. Monitor

Use a soften cloth and do not use detergent or other liquid. You are advised to turn the monitor off before cleaning it.
Keep your monitor clear can make your work more effective. It is also important to keep the vents clean to avoid overheating, so remember to remove the dust on the holes at the back of the monitor.

2. Keyboard

Keyboard is easy to trap the dust and dirt. These dust will make your key sticky and not as sensitive as before.
Turn the keyboard upside down and shake to remove dust and dirt. You can also use a soft brush or a can of compressed air to squeeze out the dust. Remember to uplug the keyboard before cleaning.

It is better keep your keyboard covered when you are not using them.

3. Mouse

Take off the cover at the back and the ball out. Clean the ball with a soft cloth. Remove the sticky dust on the two thin wheels. You can also try to shake out dirt that gathers in the hole.

4. Case

Open the case and remove the dust gathered there. Remember to unplug the machine before cleaning and also avoid any physical contacts with the inside components.

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